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Bend forward from

bench, feet flat on the floor

and comfortably apart.

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hold of a broom handle or

light bar and hold it across the

back of your shoulders .

Keeping watson testosterone cypionate reviews your head stationary,

and making sure your pelvis

does not shift on the bench,

swing your shoulders in one

back your shoulders

direction as far as you can,

feeling the oblique muscles on

that side fully contract. Come

back to the center, then twist

as far as you can in the other

direction. As you get looser

and more warmed up, increase

the pace, swinging

energetically first in one

direction, then reversing and

swinging back the other way.

NOTE: Twisting exercises, in

back other

addition to working the

obliques and intercostals, help

develop a narrow waist.


Standing BentOver Twists

Purpose of Exercise: FOR THE


In Bent-Over Twists you fully

contract the obliques in order

to develop a firm, tight


Execution: Stand upright, legs

straight, feet shoulder width


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Hold a broom handle

across the back of your


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Bend forward from

the waist as far as

comfortable. Turning from

the waist but not letting your

hips move at all, twist in one

broom handle

direction until the end of the

broom handle is pointing

toward the floor, then twist

back the other way until the

other end of the broom handle

is pointing toward the floor.

Continue this windmill

movement, swinging

energetically first in one

direction, then back in the

other direction, picking up

speed as you become looser

and warmed up.


Side Bends

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